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What our Clients Say

I came to a home & garden show in Spokane a couple of months ago, and saw you demonstrating your vacuum cleaner. We had just ordered a new hose for our central vacuum system, because it was leaking and therefore not sucking up dirt like it should.

When I saw your demonstration (for another lady), I had to go forward and ask a few questions. The more I saw, the more I liked! I wasn't planning on buying a new system but you answered our questions about changing over to your system, and soon I was excited to see if this one was easier and better than mine.

Well, I am right in the middle of vacuuming right now, and I had to stop and tell you how well I like this vacuum! It is so much easier to maneuver and get into corners, under things, and just use all around. And it does a terrific job! I don't mind vacuuming a bit now!

I especially like the hose cover! I have marks on the corner of my walls from my old hose. This one is longer, so I can go further before moving to another plug in. With the garage setup, we can even vacuum the cars, etc without taking our hose out there!

For anyone looking for a new vacuum, or tired of dealing with your old one, I highly recommend this one. The people are so nice and helpful!

Terri N., Walla Walla